VFX Artists Protest - Hollywood - March 2 2014

If you're in the Visual Effects sector of the industry and are located in California especially in the Los Angeles area, you know how devastating things have been over the past few years. Subsidized deals and tax breaks have drawn a massive amount of work away from local artists. Unable to find work in the heart of the capital of entertainment production, artists are faced with the option of moving to very distant locations throughout the US and the world in order to work in VFX.

This afternoon in Hollywood along Hollywood Boulevard, right where the Oscars will be taking place later tonight, hundreds of VFX artists have taken to the street in rainy weather to demonstrate and bring attention to this issue which is affecting the lives of many people.

Here's a link to the call to protest which in turn is linked to several other sites related to the VFX problem in Hollywood. The discussion on the AN Forum topic is here. The first video footage of the demonstration in Hollywood today went up on YouTube only a few minutes ago. Here it is followed by an excellent analysis of the problem also posted on YouTube today...