'Rivet Wars' - More Kickstarter $ucce$$

If you've been following the AN Forums you're likely aware of my enthusiasm for crowdfunding campaigns. There's more than a few reasons why I've been fixated on this phenomenon for the past few months. One of them being that no industry centric site I know of besides AnimationNation promotes these campaigns or even acknowledges them unless they reach their monetary goals. Another is my fascination with the great success many of these campaigns are experiencing. Crowdfunding is changing the fundamentals of our business for the better in very advantageous ways on many levels concerning the interests of artists and creative individuals and groups.

Here's another one I'd like to bring to the community's attention. It's called "Rivet Wars" and the mastermind behind the project is Ted Terranova. Ted is an artist developing a strategy game and has taken his concept to Kickstarter. With an initial goal of $25,000 and 19 days to go until the campaign wraps up he currently has 1,325 backers pledging $222,116 as of this writing. Take a look at this video as Ted describes what Rivet Wars is about. The subject is at this Forum topic where you can check in for updates as we follow its development.