Reinventing AnimationNation


Reviving AnimationNation ...

In the beginning the AnimationNation Movement was at its core an industry reform effort intended for the benefit of animation artists everywhere but especially in the Hollywood arena. That was early 1999.

Here we are 25 years later and the industry we were familiar with back then no longer exists in the way we knew it. Virtually everything has changed. The labor intensive production heavy big studio system is diminished while smaller independent efforts flourish. In 25 years time the industry has indeed ... reformed.

The Hollywood system that we were accustomed to is not the center of the animation universe any longer. There has been a big bang and the universe has reformed into something different.

In 1999 AnimationNation was "The Voice of the Animation Industry". We gave voice to animation artists everywhere. We were a harbinger of change through that voice. Some took heed as the winds of change blew with a gale force. The storm has passed and reshaped the landscape. Some may see that new land as an end. I see it as a great new beginning and a new world to explore.

And that is what AnimationNation will do. Explore the age. Define the era. Help set a path for the new creative world we are entering.

This is the age we've been waiting for. The beginning of the Age of Imagination. An age of boundless creativity and limitless potential. Where creative labor transforms into content authorship and content ownership. Where the means of production become ever more accessible to all and opportunity abounds for individuals dedicated to creating.

Let's make the most of it. Until next time...


Respectfully submitted.

Charles Z
May 18 2024