Mission Statement

AnimationNation is a platform for independent creators to
learn and showcase their visual content. It bleeds into comics and
music as well as video games and sometimes, alas, politics. Which I
love BTW. Our home page content and media player, plus message board
are open for all to observe and learn. But in order to participate as
a voice on AnimationNation you must register by introducing
yourself and linking us to reliable portfolios that can show us who
you are and who you are associated with. We believe this keeps the
conversations on a more civil level no matter what we might be
talking about. We all have the right to disagree with each other, but
it will be respectful because we are professional and most
importantly we are a Troll Free Site.

Our spirit is power to the creators. We are the new CEO's and we are
the foundation of our industries. A.N. facilitate resources and
conversations with leading artists who work both independently and
for the big companies giving us all insight on things we might not
know about the industry, our rights, the best resources for
production, business aesthetics and shared experiences regarding
venture capitol and marketing oneself to be a competitor on the
intellectual property playing field.

Our message board has been around for 11 years and has a solid
reputation and influence in our communities. In the last year we have
added a new mutli media home page that puts our members and
participators in a more competitive position to get our creations out
into the audience. We are continually evolving AnimationNation ,
fine tuning the message and the way we convey it. Through the on
going conversation by our members and participators we are adding new
dimensions to the entertainment aspects, like original programming
and a large data base of unique animated selections and educational
aspects, with its direct association with The Animation Academy - theanimationacademy.com

AnimationNation couldn't be any more poised for the future of
Multi-Media Entertainment and the new audience technology brings to
the horizon.

Strength in Unity and Independence.