'Magic Toast' campaign - Kickstarter - Oct 15 2013

Here's a great Kickstarter project for animation that's well worth funding!

Magic Toast is a short animated film that explores the whimsical lives and hidden challenges of a little princess and her extraordinary mother. Our little princess embarks on an adventure that challenges her perceptions and convinces her that the magic of love can conquer all.

The creative passion and Executive Producer of the project is Wendy Solberg. Although written as a children's story, the true message behind this fairy tale is in celebration of single parents and a tribute to their everyday heroics. The hope for this film is that it will be used by charities, shelters and support groups to encourage and inspire single parents everywhere.

Polydactyl Pictures is seeking funding for the project here at the Magic Toast Kickstarter campaign.

If this crowdfunding project interests you please consider supporting it and using your networks to help spread the word. The deadline is October 15 2013.

Good luck Magic Toast!