'Life After Pi' - Must see documentary

Hello there brothers and sisters.

I love AnimationNation and everything that it stands for and has stood for since our launch on February 25 1999.

Look at how far ahead of the curve we were and continue to be when it comes to industry matters relative to the artists!

Watch the video below and spread it around if you would. It's called "Life After Pi" and it was posted on YouTube on AN's 15th birthday ironically enough!

This is a must see documentary for everyone in the industry, anyone aspiring to be in the industry, and for artists, creative people, and people of productivity the world wide especially in the USA.

This is a documentary about the bankruptcy of the venerable LA based VFX studio Rhythm and Hues on the heels of winning last year's Academy Award for "Life of Pi".

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Keep Creating and Keep the Faith !!!