'Let's Talk About Soil' - Uli Henrik Streckenbach

It's appropriate that on Thanksgiving Day in the US where we celebrate and appreciate the abundance of the earth and the goodness of nature that this film be featured. "Let's Talk About Soil" explains the reality of soil issues around the world, covering important issues such as degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and over exploitation of our soil based resources. The video also offers options on ways to manage our soils and make them more sustainable.

Films such as "Soil" are a great example as to the influence of the animated art form. Animation can educate in very effective ways and when used to enlighten others can affect positive change and help to make our world more beautiful. Directed by Uli Henrik Streckenbach with music and sound design by Marcus Illgenstein along with many talented artists involved. Produced for the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). For more information on preserving soils visit GlobalSoilWeek.org.