Here Comes 'Urban Reggie'

On October 10, 2011 on the AN Forums, I featured an a topic about an animated project on the way entitled "Urban Reggie". A Kickstarter campaign was in progress to fun the project. See the topic here. Although the campaign didn't work out, the creative team behind the project kept moving forward and I'm happy to report they've got a trailer for the property ready to go and playing on YouTube!

Congrats to all involved, especially Ivette and Marilu Molina, my students from Cal State Northridge and The Animation Academy, who played a significant part in its production.

Urban Reggie is the high-adrenaline underdog story of a clueless young man from south of the border who comes to America with his even more clueless, oversized younger brother to make it big in Hollywood. Created by veteran artist Erick Tran from "The Simpsons", check out the latest exclusive content for Urban Reggie here along  with the current Forum topic. Enjoy the video...