Help ANer Greg Boone get Stem Cell Therapy

For many years Greg Boone has been one of the most stalwart and vocal advocates of AnimationNation and the AN Movement. Coming from comic books he has consistently been in our corner as AN fought the good fight for the benefit of artists in the animation industry. Now it's our turn to help Greg. He has a health condition relating to his heart that is affecting other organs in his body. Stem Cell Therapy has been shown to be very effective in this area but in order to get it he must look outside of the US. There's a crowdfunding campaign in progress to raise funds so Greg can get the medical help he needs to overcome his condition. You can access his campaign on here. Please refer to Greg's Forum Topic for reference and view the video below for an expanded explanation of what Stem Cell Technology does and how it can help him. There's no sound just graphics so no need to adjust your speakers. Thanks to everyone who is helping Greg with the challenge he's facing. Good luck Greg! With you all the way!