The Era of Independence


A tale of two towns.

One had years of glory and abundance but is now troubled and can no longer feed all of its people. The other is populated by folks who grew up hard scrabble and know how to weather difficult times and flourish in challenging conditions.

Two different towns. One that is employee based and the other being independents.

One is experiencing deep layoffs and lingering unemployment and is ruled by corporate executives. The other uses powerful and affordable technology that allows creators to produce content they own. Content that attracts a fan base. Content that can be as culturally relevant as it is entertaining and can rival or exceed the quality of any Hollywood studio.

Citizens of the first town work for non-creative corporate managers who tell them what to do. Citizens of the second town create original and imaginative content that is creatively pure.

Town 1 citizens receive a weekly stipend and in turn give up ownership of what they create. Town 2 citizens form their own studios and generate revenue directly from their fans through crowdfunding and from the merchandise and product sales of intellectual properties which they own.

Citizen 1 has no control over their employment destiny. Citizen 2 has developed revenue streams through a dedicated fan base and has more options.

Citizen 1 is not positioned for the wider market beyond studio employment. Citizen 2 is well positioned and set to produce.

Many of the people of Town 1 believe they can only operate as employees. The people of Town 2 know you can live either way if you're independent.

The citizens of Town 1 are finding that sooner or later if they want to stick around they will have to cross the bridge and learn to live like they do in Town 2.

If you're heading into animation why not think of yourself as something other than a cog in a corporate studio machine. You are a creative individual. It's your creative individualism that gets you to a studio employee level in the first place. Make the most of your art.  

A career in animation is more than just spending your days hunched in a studio cubicle waiting for a paycheck. Develop yourself into a creative individual whose enthralling work attracts people. Make a creative statement. Build a community with your art.

You are the franchise. Learn to thrive as an independent. Make it real. Until next time ...

Respectfully submitted.

Charles Z
May 31 2024