Cyanide and Happiness - Record Kickstarter $ucce$$

Take as look at this animation project folks. Do you think it would have a chance in traditional media? Think that the gatekeepers would ever approve it if it was pitched? Do you think the artists behind it would find employment at a local studio based on their work?

None the less, they've got a property that has gone way beyond the previous Kickstarter record for the animated film category set by Blur Studios and "The Goon". This one is called "The Cyanide and Happiness Show". The campaign wrapped up yesterday on March 17 2013 and has reached a remarkable level for something that the system would normally overlook.

14, 242 backers pledged $770,309 of a $250,000 30 day goal!

The team consists of four individuals in Dallas, Texas who go by the name of They purposely stayed independent since first creating the project as an online comic in 2004 and look at what they accomplished as a result! Check out the video to find out more. The Forum topic is here.