Officer Choker - Cartoon David

This is the latest from a brilliant animator in the industry. I've known David G for a long time. Ever since he was a teenager enrolled at my school years ago. Today he is one of the most prominent and sought after storyboard artists in the biz. From Nickelodeon to Disney TV twice to Cartoon Network and now at Warner Bros TV he has been building a significant following on his CoolZone YouTube channel by virtue of the unique animated shorts he creates.


Cartoon David is also a leading force in animation in terms of reforming the union and getting it to work agressively for the betterment of the animation artists in the major studios in Burbank / Hollywood / LA.


He is courageous when it comes to his content. I'd say the most courageous animator I know. Check out his latest statement proving again the power of the animated medium.


Warning about the video.


Officer Choker