On Being Hated - Luiz Stockler

I wish I would have seen this video 17 1/2 years ago in 1999. Of course it didn't exist back then but it sure woulld've helped in mentally dealing with what I was to face in the future over the AnimationNation Forums. The site was launched on February 25 1999 through a series of Articles That Started This which I authored. They addressed what was happening in the animation business at that time. The discussion forums that followed were in operation for many years and gave the artists of the animation community our first opportunity to comminicate with ourselves on a worldwide level. It also gave me first hand experience with what would later be called "trolls" and all the maliciousness that hateful individuals can bring to an otherwise productive and respectful conversation.


If you've ever gone through a hate attack online watch this and enlighten yourself through understanding and education. Thanks to London based Luiz Stockler for creating "On Being Hated".  Visit the animator's Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Behance. Luiz's Gif Everyday.


On Being Hated (2016)