April 1 2020 - The State of the Industry - Burbank / Hollywood / LA

As the Covid 19 virus lockdown continues into it's third week in the Burbank / Hollywood area here's the status of things. Live action production is at a standstill. The traditional comic book industry is in extended hiatus including distribution and retail.


The only aspect of the entertainment industry that's still running is... Animation. The studios have online setups and artists are working remotely from home. Word on the street is that animation is helping bigtime in content creation when the market needs it most.


April 1 is a historically important day in the history of AnimationNation. It was on this day in 1999 that we organized an industry wide walkout from the mainstream studios and met at a local ballroom at lunch time. It was a gathering of union and independent artists. A revolution was at hand and we were leading the way.


Here we are 21 years later and everything we anticipated would happen in the future has manifested in our age. Our industry is so strong we can keep going even when the studios are in shutdown mode.


Congratulations to everyone who makes our fantastic business so great! Stay safe and be healthy and Keep Creating !!