is 24 years Old

Greetings and thank you for visiting AN's homepage. Today marks the 24th anniversary of AnimationNation. The site was launched on this day February 25 in 1999. It started with a series of articles I published at an important time in the history of the animation industry dedicated towards initiating much needed reform. The articles were also a wake up call to our community as the dawn of a new age in animation media was fast approaching.


Today all these years later everything we were heralding has come to fruition. Independent artists arethriving. Technology has enabled creative individuals to do things that were unimaginable prior to our advent. So many things have changed in a very positive way that the systems we were subject to have become virtualy obsolete. We now have a much greater control over our individual and collective destinies.


As we move forward into the ever expanding future let's celebrate what's been accomplished and let's enthusiastically anticipate all the great things that await us.


The key to what the future holds is to... KEEP CREATING !!


Wishing you good fortune with all that you do!