AnimationNation at 23 Years 1999 - 2022


Here we are with another year behind us. Celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the launch of


Things were way different on this date in 1999. Animation artists were frustrated and angry. Dial up modems were our access to the Internet. Mainstream studios were the only place of employment. Independent projects were few and far between. Social Media wasn't yet a byword. Online communities gathered at message boards such as the one we hosted.


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blog technology, crowdfunding, all the content sites and systems we take for granted today didn't exist. Online videos were rare. Streaming was still in its infancy.


This was the environment we started with. And the things we said would happen and encouraged the animation community to prepare for have been around now for a very long time. Plus we can work remotely from anywhere in the world.


AnimationNation anticipated all of this! We initiated a movement of vision and consciousness that reverberates within our community to this day!


Enjoy the moment brothers and sisters! Let's go forward into the future with positivity, joy and encouragement as we Keep Creating!


Charles Zembillas

February 25 2022