There is an answer...other than being globalized away.

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Posted by Sue B on May 01, 2000 at 21:25:30:

In Reply to: Jon and Dave discuss the new world order. posted by Dave Brewster on May 01, 2000 at 13:31:57:

There is no need to give up on the hope that our chosen way of life has become history. There is every hope, in this time of across-the-board labor unrest that unity will save us all. Today, the SAG & AFTRA strike began with a rousing rally at the LaBrea Tar Pits. Other unions brought signs to show support. Last week in Westwood, the "Teamsters, Turtles, and Tibetans" protest fomented common ground between the Sierra Club, film workers, and the Free Tibet movement." If it was the "high cost" of American labor that was crippling the Animation industry, then why were tickets not cheaper for the Rugrats Movie than for Quest? When China is open for Free Exploitation will movie tickets plummet to $1.50?How unreasonable is it for the people who create a high-grossing product to ask for their fair share? Or have we come to accept greed as a natural right of the executive class? There are truths beyond our payscale & theirs that must be addressed as we move toward a solution. In this race to the bottom, Americans & Canadians have become enemies, Californians and immigrants have locked horns. This competition has masked the real enemies. Flash Animation is a cheap fad like CD-ROM animation and is no panacea for the corporate and government policies that led us to this labor crisis. As a community of under 4000 locally, we have the choice to remain in isolation & fear of the future or to embrace the growing Hollywood & national labor momentum. CNN came out & covered the SAG march. The AFL-CIO and the Teamsters were there in force. The police, in every case have been helpful & supportive when we've taken to the streets, good union boys that they are. If we are linked to other outraged workers, we are bigger than 4000 artists. They CARE when they see us & meet us. An AFL-CIO national representative will be speaking to other Film & TV Workers about Globalization & Labor this Thursday at Hollywood Center Studios, Santa Monica & Seward in Hollywood at 7:30p. Parking is free on the lot. I would like to see more animators there because FTAC, the organization hosting this event is working on legislation & other solutions to this problem. If they don't understand our particular needs, they will proceed with plans that may inadvertently leave us out. All of the other unions in this town appreciate it when someone shows up to their marches holding a sign saying "Animators support you." Let's come out of our shells & seize the rich opportunity this election year offers. A lot of people felt as hopeless and overwhelmed as we do. The difference is that they got together & started making some noise...or do you need a voice actor to do that for you too? See you Thursday.
: Posted by Dave Brewster on May 01, 2000 at 00:48:47:

: In Reply to: Re: More rambling. posted by Jon on April 30, 2000 at 23:26:18:

: : : So that brings us to here. The boom is over and those who have envied the industry now are rejoicing in what they predict as it's
: demise (as they have so many times before). Problem with that is that it is fake. The crash was caused by the same people who caused
: the boom. Art doesn't stop because large employers dump employees.Animation hasn't failed as film language, the films failed as
: films. Beavis and Butthead didn't succeed because it was great animation nor did the Rugrats or Pokemon. They reached someone.
: Animation can succeed but it must move forward to do that. Everyone will say it cannot be done until someone does it. That is how
: film works in all it's forms.

: : I'm not sure there's a historic precedence for what's happening here, Dave. This is a new world, a new economic model. American
: handiwork is not in the equation anymore. And this is sad for Americans.

: Any transition of workers is sad but I'm not sure I agree with your outcome . As you said there is no precedence so the outcome is not
: determined.

: : A cool head is a good thing to have in these times, Dave ... and you're very cool. And when the time comes, I'm sure you will coolly
: return to where the industry has migrated.

: Korea ? Do we get free passports ?

: :I'm just not sure they'll let ME in.

: They seem like nice people. I hear they drink Snakeblood to as an aphrodisiac. Yuck!

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