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Posted by Fly on April 30, 2000 at 23:11:53:

In Reply to: A little rushed posted by Dave Brewster on April 30, 2000 at 14:33:33:

: : Even the best marketing dept. in the world can't sell a film people don't want to see, no matter how beautiful that film is.

: Godzilla.

Perfect example. Before it came out, that was THE must see film of the summer. If it had actually been good, it would have made a billion dollars. An appealing concept made into a bad movie will usually make more money than an unappealing concept made into a great film.

: :There are some projects in production in town that are much more intrinsically interesting and appealing than others. Unfortunately, most of the more interesting ones seem to be at other studios.

: I have seen beautiful work in all of the studios. I find all the projects I've seen very intersting.

But will the public? My guess is no.

: In the end you have to understand that I have known crew from so many productions. Success or failure, NONE of them were happy during production. None. Remember Lion King ? If there ever was a crew demoralized they were yet they found new drive despite.

Not an issue. The point was about the direction Jeffrey is setting with the films he's picking to make.

: : Explain them in two sentences to a casual film fan and chances are their eyes will light up. Now try to do the same with the DW slate of animation (excluding that coming from Ardman).

: Change your voice, tell it in a hushed whisper and use only two words. Black Stallion.

I've tried. People look at me like I'm nuts. Is the Black Stallion a film the world is clamoring to see in animation? Did it really do that well the first time around? Were people really clamoring to see Hope and Crosby On the Road pictures again, or even an animated The Man Who Would Be King? An animated Ten Commandments? These are curious live action films to pick as models.

: : However, for me it's not lack of faith, but disappointment. There is SO much talent at DW, and I think much of it is being under used. We seem stuck in these complex PG historical costume dramas or over-serious animal pictures. And there is little breadth to the projects in development.

: Suggest them. Submit.

I have. That's a ugly story that will remain untold.

:And if they aren't interested submit your ideas to other studios.

Uh, I think that might just violate my contract.

:Nothing peaks more interest than outside interest. What we all have to remember is that unless you do we are just talking. You cannot make the horse drink the water, if you get my drift. That in the end will always be the managements decision.

And there's the rub.

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