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Posted by Dave Brewster on April 29, 2000 at 21:12:31:

In Reply to: Re: JAMES BATES:The LA Times article posted by pam on April 29, 2000 at 19:00:06:

: Hi Dave,
: Why would anyone down there say that animators are overpaid?????? That's CRAP!!!!!! As the animators that I do know down there.... As anyone should know this that animators are ACTORS!!!!!!! NO people outside the world of animation only think we get paid to draw pretty pictures.

Well , people are people. When they feel we only see the money they assume animation is just a normal life. One person who was head of production (now a big mucky muck at Disney) was walking down a hallway with a bunch of suits and he saw me. He looked at the suits, pulled out a dollar bill and threw it at my feet shouting "Pick it up Brewster"! I just stared at him walking by. Nice huh ?
He knows who I am talking about , don't you Phil ? I think that makes my point.

..and have Still no idea how long it takes to a feature film or your own animated film. So I just think that animators should get paid more....As really some Actors out there.....Are some of them worth 15 to 25 million per picture.....NO I don't think so What does some one really do with 25 million dollars...So I just think animators are just underrated.........

The real joke is producers set the price, not the artists. They say yes or no so if artists are overpaid then it is THEIR fault. I really have to laugh when I hear them say that Disney artists were overpaid when Ovitz walks away with a 100 million for doing nothing for a year. If what they said was true about artists in anyway they wouldn't have to wait until they flooded the market to cut salaries.

A business man I knew put it this way to me: "Yah see, we are riding in the cart and we got this donkey pulling a cart so we put a carrot on a string and dangle it to get the donkey to go. Now da cart is full of valuable stuff but the donkey doesn't know it, he just keeps pullin da cart tryin to get the carrot, great eh".

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