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Posted by bronnie on April 28, 2000 at 20:55:13:

In Reply to: Re: 7 days left to see Fantasia 2000???? posted by Pam on April 28, 2000 at 18:23:34:

: : : : : : : So how many of you Ranting And Raving Animation People have seen Fantasia 2000? Just Asking for your views. That's all as I have not met that many people that have seen it. But watching the film, I kept asking myself I rather be watching the one the only Fantasia that was done over 60 years ago.

: : : : : : I know...Pam you're right... I've been in this biz for many years and I'm sorry to say I haven't
: : : : : : gone to see some of these films during their initial release. I have an IMAX theatre right in my backyard.. and I should absolutely make a point
: : : : : : to see F 2000.I've heard some good things, especially about Goldberg's Hirschfeld sequence. I also heard that the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" from the original looked really grainy when cut in to the new film. Did you notice that at all?I guess I'll find out soon..provided that it isn't sold out! Thanks for the reminder!

: : : : : Thanks Bronnie, Sorcerer's Apprentice is very grainy. Maybe some of us are just don't watch to watch animation as we work in this field. Animation is pushed to be a fantasy job today to the younger people out there. Goldberg's directing is wonderful in Hirschfeld segment and the flamigo's have some great facial expressions. How many year have been in the Business?

: : : : 23 come July..Yikes!!!( I'm sure all you animation embryos out there are envisioning some old crone)I do love the work, and yes ,it is a privilege to have a gig, especially these days.But depending on what kind of day it's been it can feel more like a job than a career.To me it's the energy one gets from inspiration that's important...and even if I'm working on crap, I try to make lemonade.. know what I mean?
: : : Hey I have been in around the business for 13 years. But just one year in a studio in Ottawa. Have been just hanging around the Ottawa Festival.
: : : I have done some freelance. But mostly it's teaching animation to kids that really want to try to get into Sheridan. Sorry I'm not a famous animator Like Mr Brewster. But he's cool as he is Canadian too. i like animating my own drawings and stuff. Thanks for the insight. Bronnie.

: : Pam-- I'm also Canadian (Montreal/Toronto),came here as a kid of 10..ho aboat thaht, eh? But I consider myself an American animation artist and support the American labor cause.Yes, a lot of our work has gone up there, and in turn, much of your work has been lost to China,etc...
: : I hate seeing work leaving the US , nor do I think it's reasonable to blame the Canadian artists or begrudge their need for economic survival. Corporate Greed wins again!!!The ol'divide and conquer!

: Hey Bronnie, THanks for your answers. Hey, you're Canadian by that you are born. Do you remember your cold life up here. I guess we are all fighting for the keep the work on both sides. Yes it does come down to one thing GREED.!!!!! Oh well what can you do. just do your work the best that you can!!!!!!!!!
Pam! To this day I miss the change of seasons up there... But I don't miss the mosquitos during summer at " the cottage"!Re: the work situation-- trust me- ANYONE who has a gig down here, no matter how "secure" or highly paid would be a FOOL to take it for granted!Over the years we've had some real ups and downs.. the nature of the animation biz is cyclical. However...A word to any young kids out there who are lucky enough to have a job,START SAVING NOW FOR THE LONG TERM!!!

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