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Posted by pam on April 26, 2000 at 17:45:26:

In Reply to: Re: auteurs posted by David Brewster on April 26, 2000 at 10:50:25:

: : I'm posting this under Snakey's comment, but I want to keep running with the subject.

: : FIrst of all, let's appreciate each other's strong points. The Snake Man has enthusiasm, and without that, you won't go far ... if anywhere.

: Agreed. Now he thinks I'm attacking him when I am just stating his position.

: : Dave, new software programs only get sold to overseas studios. The way it currently works, we can have no advantage unless it is protected. Last year I proclaimed we could compete with overseas studios with USAnimation software. So now all the OS studios have begun to drop their prices accordingly - instead of making 50% profit, they drop it to 40% and suddenly they're kicking my ass again when I'm scraping by at a 5% profit.

: I understand. Not much room there. Tax rebates anyone ?

: : And frankly, Dave Gerry, the spirit of the auteur is one of the biggest things killing the American industry. Film-making is a team sport. The idea that one man makes a film - especially an animated film - is a dangerous illusion. Once we have successfully negotiated the business problem, negotiating the ego problem won't be so easy. Somehow people have it in their mind that THEIR ideas are the only good ones. Unfortunately, the only way an animator can ADD a good idea to a film is to make it look like it came from the director. This egomania kills effort ... it kills production funds ... but worse, it kills the spirit of the animator.

: : Tim Burton? Bah! Poster child for an unworkable system.

: Animation is one of the few arts that count on the absolute co-operation of teams of artists. As this site has proven it is hard to keep people of differing ideas together.

Well Said Dave...... In the Words of Jack Nicholson from one of his movies "Why can't we all just Get Along"

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