Re: Who ya callin Nuts?, wanna fight,hehehe

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Posted by David Brewster on April 26, 2000 at 10:42:21:

In Reply to: Who ya callin Nuts?, wanna fight,hehehe posted by SNAKEBITE on April 26, 2000 at 01:39:09:

: : : See, all that stuff is fine, and I guess I wouldn'nt/shouldn't expect any different out of artists ... but we're going to turn into a bunch of sour, hateful, scornful old bitties, reminiscing on the good old days when we actually used to do animation in this country ... unless our government protects this industry.

: : : I can see the world settling quite comfortably into a steady diet of crappy "entertainment."

: : : All of our wonderful ideas will be poured like water into this fledgling internet business ... but ultimately we will still lose when even THAT is sent to Bora Bora ... or wherever.

: : : Eventually this whole country will be so far in debt, James Wong will have to come and take it over.

: : Well said Jon. I agree. Myself I don't have the political answer but at this point there needs to be one. . Mr. Snakebite and Mr. Gerry seem to think it isn't worth protecting and the best arguement for that is that a solution is not obvious. What will it take ? To me the easiest step would be a computer innovation like vector painting, cleanup and inbetweening. A system that we somehow fail to share with our Asian counterparts.

: What's not worth protecting?

Present studios. You know, the ones that uh... "monkey boy" runs. Was that not what you said ? Dave Gerry pronounced it an "ivory tower" like the light never touchs those within it.

: Im not being hostile, I just don't understand that statement...

I never said you were hostile and it had to do with your call to ignore what exists olitically and got to other avenues. Read it again, it is in no way hostile.

: Also, Confucius said,"Good people clarify governmental affairs without prsumptuous adjudication."...If we are to be dismissed of opinion simply cuz we have less and/or different experience than you, why don't you use your knowledge constructively, convince us your right , don't convince us your a jerk...We're the jerks , right Dave , we attack you, but I've read your attacks on individuals who aren't even talkin to you,

Besides being the longest run on sentence on the site it contains nothing of fact. I haven't attacked anyone.

:but if you want to be different from so called savages(I know you didn't say that word)

Correct , I didn't say anything like that. Nor did I suggest it.

: like myself, maybe you should rethink your approach,your the one with experience Dave, my approach is naive and has no bases,I have too much unfocused youthful fire, anything I say couldn't possibly be valid in the least, your the teacher here, did your teachers yell at you if they knew something you didn't? Lead the children my Brotha.

Yelling ? Hmmm. I think someones a little sensative. Aren't we ? I'm not yelling at anyone. Nor did I call anyone "savage". Was it not you who said, and I quote "We don't need no stinkin politics"? Correct me if I'm wrong here will you. Two valium first.

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