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Posted by Dave Brewster on April 26, 2000 at 00:32:31:

In Reply to: We don't need no stinkin politics. AMEN! posted by Dave Gerry on April 25, 2000 at 13:47:10:

: "if you want it done right ,you best do it yourself"

: The mantra of independence. Being animators we tend to be somewhat auter-istic (Tim Burton ring a bell, anyone?), so total independence is of course a practical impossibility. Network - and develop your bullsh*t detector...

: The people who create the best work in this day (or any day) are pro-active, the-buck-stops-here types.

Who are they ? Name the people you think do this best Dave.

: It starts with the individual resolve.
: I am relatively inexperienced in this business, yet everywhere I see lousy product "directed" by marketing executives and producers more than actual directors. That IS the problem. If you DEPEND on the union for your employments, you're probably too specialized. Be versatile and EDUCATE THYSELF.

I would hope that is a pretty common understanding. I have only been in the union since I started at Disney on HB. I have been animating since 1979 so do the math. All those years were as a freelance independant doing commercials, independant projects and features for hire. When I judge the union I do it with a fair history of independant work behind me.

: The bottom line is that throughout history, 9 times out of 10 the true innovators are the ones that maintain their vision despite all the hoopla surrounding them.

Read:Fanatics. And successfully so.

: And that is what my friend Sir Snakebite is talking about - to REMAIN CREATIVE - no matter whatever else BS is going on. Even in times of war, artists are still extremely valuable, albeit necessary, for the survival of a culture. Broaden your scope, then focus on the solutions to your problems. Lead with intent and everything will follow. This is NOT my speculative pop philosophy, it is a fact of nature.

Was this something in dispute ? Explain. You are repeating a lot of what has been business mantra.

: As for Mr. Brewster, the cracks in the foundation of your comfortable ivory tower are becoming clear as day.
: I strongly recommend you move out.

Ok, I will try and explain a few things to you about this business . To start Mr. Gerry, there is no such thing as an "ivory tower". There is no such thing as "absolute security". Whether you are animating in whatever version of this business the moment you die is when you believe you can hold this moment forever. I have never "depended" on the union (for anything beyond it's promise of fellowship and benefits) or anyone one company for anything. Nor do I know but a few that have. I have seen animators with 15 years at one company be dumped to everyones surprise. I carry none of the illusions you assign me. To someone like yourself who is short on a practical experience it may seem that since for the moment I am employed and a target for you. How you fool yourself into thinking I take anything for granted is your affair. I am an animator. Whether this business drops out from under us all or not. I was animating when there were no jobs and no money and so to me that all makes little difference the economic waves make. I have lived though quite a few. I don't control that part of fate nor do you. Until you gain a sense of joy from your very temporary ability to working with people in this incredibly interactive exchange you will always focus on what seems to be just a job.
Move out Dave ? I never moved in. If you feel the need to create your future, go, do it. If you don't like the union, do not join one. Character assasination is where I draw the line.

: To those whose minds are open and souls are righteous, repeat the mantra twice a day

An open mind is no good if both eyes are shut.

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