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Posted by pam on April 24, 2000 at 19:39:18:

In Reply to: Re: Todays Times-Calendar Section- here's the link posted by anon on April 22, 2000 at 20:09:41:


: some interesting quotes from this article:

: Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. Television, said that producers and writers of the new animated projects
: concentrated more on the form rather than the content.
: Michael Judge: These shows aren't failing because they're animated. The ones I've seen lack a heart and soul.
: They look like they've been made by a committee. I also think that not enough attention is paid
: to the voice fitting with the way the character is drawn. Shows really work when the voice and the
: when the voice and the character fit."

: The same problem that exists with TV animation exists with TV series. Execs refuse to give the shows a chance to find their audience. If the show doesn't capture the demographic right off the bat they are history. And given the fact that animated shows take alot longer to produce, in some instances, by the time they air to catch the benefit of a trend or style, they are already passť.

: but the bottom line is STORY...STORY... STORY, and feature animation faces the same problem. Will the audience for Dinosaurs still be there? Are we ready for a talking Jurassic Park? Will audiences want to see Spirit: the photorealistic horse, two years from now....?

: Eldorado proved that audiences are tired of Elton, bad story-telling and being fed J.K.'s narrowminded view of the world and history.

: Yes, STORY STORY STORY, Are there no more stories to be told in animation. As being a p/t animation teacher. Students don't want to learn about stories telling in animation. They want to learn how to animate CRAP. As some my students are brainwashed by badly drawn and animated "anime" TV Shows. THey don't want to hear about how WHAT IS THE MEANING' behind they trying to animated people trying to kill each other with guns or other weapons. As some are young as 14. THere is that market of video games with some really bad GC and Graphics. As these young students that come in my class and talk about the lastest video game or anime videotape. Which I have no idea what the heck they are talking about. As for me, I grew up watching Flintstones, the older Disneys films, Tom And Jerry, UPA and many others. So it comes down to trying to teach the principles of animation instead of the SOME of the Students that come in my class Saying I'm going to the greatest ANIME animator alive. But try to tell them that there is no studio in North American that does this style of animation. So I just don't get it. Why is ANIME so pushed in North American. As for talking Dinosaurs in Dinosaur. Most people that go see any animated films [tradional or Computer] still today have no idea how it's made. Is only that the film will make money as it has that famous name in front of the Dinosaur. What about Titan A. E.? or Chicken Run. This film just might just have a Story behind it.
Any Comments?????

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