Re: Politics, we don't need no stinkin politics.

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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 24, 2000 at 14:28:41:

In Reply to: Re: Politics, we don't need no stinkin politics. posted by Jon on April 24, 2000 at 08:52:49:

: I'm all for finding alternate solutions, Snakey. But unless our government takes steps to protect us, everything we develop will always be done cheaper overseas.

: If anybody's down on politicians, it's me, but the fact is that governments are there to establish laws to protect their citizens. Supposedly. SO nothing we develop will ever be safe ... unless our elected officials understand our agenda.

I hear ya, maybe when establishing your own property(animation , publication, whatever) you can establish a new business model. Maybe the situation that we are all in is good for us, this might not apply to you Jon, but if alot of us got time on our hands lets learn more about the business aspect. Its impossible to compete with overseas budgets but we can compete with the executive budgets. I know someone who is sick of the monkey boy, as are many of us, so much he walked away many years ago, fined tuned his skills, learned what they do and developed his own short that fundementally blows the majority away. Now he has something he can take directly to venture capital investors, now he can be in charge of the funds and distribute it accordingly. He can get roughly the same budget the other studios get and say to execs. who want the work, you can work with us on our terms,and if you don't like it Ill find someone that does. See monkey boys are the real dime a dozen, schools pump out bean counters. With THAT you save so much , which can be put back into the artistic angle of the production. See , I look at the government the same way I look at the execs., they really don't care, they're probably all in bed with each other in some way, look at the music industry ,all the major labels are owned by Seagrams and now what you see in main stream music is a bunch of alcoholic musicians, minus the pretty boy Disney Bands. We have to stop looking for that proverbial son that will save us or bail us out. If you have established an audience you've created a situation where you COULD have control over what happens next to your property.

"BIG GUY" which was developed by Geoff Darrow, was picked up by Sony. I talked to a guy that worked on it and he said that Mr.Darrow was most displeased with the way production was goin, he thought that the designers didn't do a good enough job on his characters and enviroments, lil did he probably know it was probably the direction of the monkey and not the compitant art team. Was Mr. Darrow there to oversee the production, did he decide to supervise or art direct, no, he decided to take a big fat check and move later complain. Now my mom always said "if you want it done right ,you best do it yourself", and Mr. Darrow could've done it right, he might of got a lil' less initially, but the logevity could've been most rewarding.

We have to acknowledge our true power before we make any decisions about remedying the problem. If we try to solve things with no to lil' self worth, then our decision will be based accordingly..."help us MR./Mrs. powers that be"...the powers that be are us.

I hear what your saying about how it dosen't matter what we develope, its eventially gonna go somewhere else for production...if you base that off the OLD work model that is currently still in practice, but how are we gonna change the work model?, by goin to the source of it? Why would they want to change? Is it their best interest? I ask these questions often and hopefully when Im in a position to take my developed property into production I'll have the strength to practice what I preach, leaving the monkey boy no choice but to adapt like we had to.

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