Politics, we don't need no stinkin politics.

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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 24, 2000 at 01:59:09:

In Reply to: Re: Politics posted by Jon on April 24, 2000 at 00:31:13:

: :
: : : I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this. After all, I'm just a goofy cartoonist.

: : You are far from a "goofy cartoonist". The problem with government intervention (just in terms of giving tax credits) is that it brings government into the film business. You dont want that because it puts governments in competition. Not film makers.

: As an artist, I totally agree with you, but the fact is that we are losing work not because of our artistic ability but because of government competition. The influx of money into Canada, and out of the U.S. is staggering. It is a serious political issue, especially in California!

: : The only way the government can help is to threaten Canada to drop Free Trade if they do not stop imbalancing the business. It is a hard thing to do because Mexico is involved and they aren't losing a thing.
: : They could if they wanted find some other industry that was more economically important to Canada and threaten equal tax rebates. Something that might really hurt (steel or lumber). And when the Canadian lobbyists come to complain (which I have no doubt they would)offer to drop that rebate if they drop theirs for film. Now you ask why another industry. Because it cuts out direct government competition in film and you could find an entire other set of unions to support it. Simple huh ?

: In the end it's all the same, isn't it, Dave? It's money, bottom line, for everybody - producers, animators, AND governments.

I know Im a dreamer, but politics can eat a big one...it takes to much of my time , I got the basic grasp of it and I'd rather be drawing (note "I" means me, Im not speakin on behalf of anyone) The best thing I know how to do is entertain, and an audience to entertain is all you need. Content is the thing you should focus on, the present audience is screaming for something new. The shows on TV now aren't cuttin it and frankly anything the big wigs produce, although have visuals that can be beautiful, have very lil' content or character. When was the last time you were attatched to a animated character?... anyone?

Ofcourse its not as simple as just "keep creatimg" , but when I say that I'm assuming everyone HERE understands how much work and dedication it takes to produce a property... but never the less it MAY be as simple as that...unless you got nothing worth creating, then I can see why an individual would freak out.. you can always use the excuse that politics took too much of your time.

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