Re: What I really think of Unions.

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Posted by Kerry on April 23, 2000 at 01:39:29:

In Reply to: Re: What I really think of Unions. posted by Dave Brewster on April 22, 2000 at 23:14:58:

: : I believe unions are outdated and useless. I grew up in the midwest listening to auto builders talking about the dangers of the Japenese taking over the world with their nationalistic bull crap. I was a carpenter for years, I remember listening to a union carpenter telling me that when it came to layoffs they would fire all or any carpenters that had foriegn vehicles. That's collective thinking for you.

: It was not collective thinking, it was desperation. Human beings tend to grasp for any answer when solutions are not immediately apparent. They see any deviation from the course as being subversive. Unions are a little like religion in that the faith must be kept or the system seems to be falling apart. It isn't. It is evolving. If you believe that any answer to economic changes that simple then it is a illusion.

No Dave it is a lack of education. And when the Alpha Dog in the collective barks the loudest the crowd shifts that way.

: : Not only am I anti-union I am a capitalist true and blue, meaning, I think that there was a time for unions but not anymore, I think it's a socialist concept, I think if you need a job go out and get one or create one.

: And that was the basis of this site. Creative solutions for a new evolution. But not anti union. More like pro artist. Union members do not lose their wills to the union. The crash was not only obviously coming, it was impossible to stop. But like all cycles this will end as well. Unlike you I have been around and I have seen it rise and fall. No crash is forever.

: : Since your union is so weak you should just dissolve it.

: Excuse me if I doubt your ability to assess this union or what purpose it serves. You have proven you are not long out of the birth channel and hopelessly lost in the past. What you know of unions comes from what you have observed from a great distance. As even you observed part of the success of the picket was the unions call to it's members.

You can't possible know my experience with unions, when I say you should just dissolve it I would say that about any union because of how I feel about them.

: : But watching Dave blow stem was pretty fun.
: : Kerry

: Watching you try to twist fact was rather sad.


For myself it had little to do with anger and more to do with lack of belief that anyone could be so inexperienced.

Well, thanks Dave. It was just so generous of you to take the time and try to convince yourself that someone could be so inexperienced. (Most people would have done that inside their heads.)

:As I said before, you and I have nothing to talk about.

Ya, I think you have said that about three times now, I will be interested to see if you say it again.

: Once you have wiped away the embryonoic fluid and practiced some of what you preach you will have a more solid basis to argue from.

Didn't you just read my post, I wasn't really preaching.

:Sorry but your lack of experience was pretty obvious.

So obvious that you felt the need to post long winded replies.
I can feel your hot air from here, and that's a trick, I'm very far away. Dave, do you follow people around telling them what they are doing wrong, while picking at your pocket protector.

Lets see if we still have nothing to talk about.

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