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Posted by Dave Brewster on April 22, 2000 at 10:52:11:

In Reply to: Increasing Work for animators etc. posted by Sparkie the WonderSnail on April 21, 2000 at 23:32:10:

: Since most of you are very experienced in the animation industry...I was wondering what ideas you have as to "making a bigger pie"?

There are unavoidable issues of cost. This site is based on stopping the management waste that increases the damage (or it was before it turned to what it has become) . Still the costs are high and it is not because of the average animator because there are very few making those high wages you used to hear about. With studios folding and dumping huge numbers of unemployed on the market it has made for a bit of chaos. Kevin has mentioned reducing salaries but the problem there is to ensure that if it is done , that the money is used to hire American workers and not just used to up somebodys profit margin. It requires at least some guarrenty that that is what the money would be used for.

: How do we increase the number of animation jobs and show that the animation created in US and Canada is worth the money it requires to produce. I was hoping the number of channels devoted solely to animation would increase production. But that hasn't seem to have done the trick. Do we need to be bolder as independents or what?

With time it would take to mount those channels it would have to be started now to have an effect next year or later. Disney, MTV, Nick and Fox create and produce their own series work to keep down cost and do not buy outside work so there is no market for that kind of independant film work. That too is a huge gash in the side of TV animation. Something no one talks about. Funny but they were having a huge party over at Nick the other day ( I was walking by).

It requires more risk for independants to secure proporties that can be sold. Things that are attractive enough to entice investors or producers to carry such great risks .

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