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Posted by Dave Brewster on April 21, 2000 at 00:08:34:

In Reply to: A buck two ninety posted by Charles on April 20, 2000 at 23:08:22:

: Let's stop this please.

: I'd like to explain a couple of things about SNAKEBITE, if he doesn't mind me stepping up for him.

: SNAKE has never been anti-union. In all the conversation's I've ever had with him, he's never suggested anything but reforming the Union. At the second Animation Nation meeting, he challenged Steve Hulett about the no strike clause. Steve was poised and deliberated a very balanced response. SNAKE went over to him afterwards and talked to him face to face to make sure there were no hard feelings. At the PBS protest, I saw him walk over to Steve and shake his hand. Both men were smiling and friendly to each other.

Not what he said on the board Charles. What he does in person is another thing. He was calling for the union to go strike and saying they had no balls. Slamming Sito at every turn. If you say he is not I will believe it because I think you earnestly believe it, but that blame has to stop here and now. If what you say is true I expect no more of this posturing.

: Criticizing the Union doesn't necessarily mean being anti-union. I know Union members who've been much more critical than anything I've ever encountered from SNAKEBITE. I know many people who have much more respect for the Union as a result of last week's march and he's one of them.

: Another book to close. Thanks for cooperating.

I hope so. Sito is the most honest person I know. I came to Warners from DWs to work for Tom because I know how incredibly talented and how totally fair handed he is. He is an artist and every day he suffers while this union struggles. I see the hurt all these attacks cause and have never seen him deviate from his totally pro union wants. He has advanced us in every way possible and been receptive to anyone who had a gripe, including mine. I never argue with him because I trust him that much. I wont see him used as a punching bag. Not after all the work he has done. Is the union perfect ? No one can hit perfection. If people want the right to strike when membership is so low then lets vote on it. Not attack the person who has been the best president this union has ever had. I said it to the Canadians when this union was trying to help them organize "you make this union what you want, what you need". Lets set an example.

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