And mine 2cents and a dime/ but I'm far from done.

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Posted by Dave Brewster on April 20, 2000 at 22:18:56:

In Reply to: 2cents and a dime/ then Im done with this topic.. posted by SNAKEBITE on April 20, 2000 at 20:19:29:

: Dear Mr. Sheepie Brewster,

My name is Dave Brewster. Mr. Brewster to you who ever you are. I don't need, nor have I ever needed fake names like yours.

: Im writting you this letter to inform you that I am aware of you agenda. Your arguments
: against me hold no ground and never do I once consider them valid, for the following reasons.

You are an anti-union big mouth and I'm sick of your slams at our members , our president and our union. You haven't a god damn idea in your tiny brain but you shoot your mouth off like you think you do.

: I was pesonally attatcked by you the moment I found this board. I shared my feelings of inspiration by rejoicing in a post with all caps,
oooohhhhhhh scarey, but you had a problem with me, as you do with many . I know you don't want to admit the many names you've hid behind and thats ok, but I know it was you, and you know it was you, thats all that matters.

Believe what you want. I could care less what you believe. You have been living a fantasy here from the beginning.

:You got caught up in your own genious and didn't think for a second aboat changing your agenda as quickly as you change your name. See, Im allergic to wool and everytime I read one of your alias's I sneeze, your as transperant as the crapy sweater you knitted one winter from your buddy who just got sheared.

You are allegic to unions. You are allegic to ideas. You are allergic to facts. You haven't a clue about the rest. I never attacked you and I couldn't care less whether you post in caps.

: You may not like what I say or how I say it, but at least I STAND behind what I say. Im sorry my name is better than anything you could think of and for that making you angry.

Yeah, it's pretty easy to stand behind NOTHING because that is what your ideas are. "Keep creating". What the hell is that ? Is that supposed to be some kind of genius ? Trust me when I say anger is not my reaction. It's shock. Shock that you think you can attack people without defense. Shock that you can use such flimsy fiddle faddle to backstab people you don't know.

: Recently the Union called for action, where you there, no. I know this cuz I met you once and I know what you look like, we shook hands even.
: I was a freelance artist gettin a tour of Dreamworks and you were some righteous guy behind a desk. But as of right now the guy you said dosen't like Union people, me, supported the only call to arms the Union has done in long time that the other guy says HE supports, the other guy ofcourse being you...let me guess you were working.

If you think showing up a a protest over sending American tax money makes you prounion , wake up. You didn't do it because of the union AND YOU KNOW IT! This was a money issue. You have made quite clear you dislike of this union. Did you see me saying anything against the picket ? No, of course not. And yes I was working. Doing "keep creating" . Lol. So were almost the entire studio. Those that could went. Tough isn't it my little anti-union pal.

:So ofcourse I think your full of crap, no not because I don't like your solutions IN WRITTING but because you don't truely stand behind them, well maybe WWWWWAAAYYYY behind them.

At least we know we feel exactly the same about each other. I think you are an anti-union scampster feeding on the chaos. I think you WANT the union to strike because you know it will mean all the independants will thrive on the scab work. I think you personally want the union destroyed. That is why you have been attacking Steve and Tom.

: It scares me to think that someone that dosen't look at creating as a solution, in a creative industry,

REALLY!! Cut the crap man!!!! All you are saying is keep doing what you are doing while whacking Sitos ASS OVER DOING THE SAME DAMN THING!!!!! How about it Snakenibbles ? You sound off enough. Lets see you actually say something helpful.

:someone as angry and as politically driven as you has the power to entertain our youth. So please try to quit smoking and stop eating so much pizza and Mac Donalds, ask Mom , you are what you eat. Besides your gonna need as much energy to carry your big old experienced full portfolio out the door when I turn your tired ass down for a job.

Hehehehehehee. You think I'm tired ??????? And you are coming up with "keep creating"? Heheheheheehehe! The day I come to you for a job is the day I quit animation. Lucky for you I can look at portfolios objectively and if I feel I can't , I opt out. That is the big difference between us Snake. I can do that, you cannot.

: P.S. You probably will need a translator for the previous so when you get one ask him to translate the post left by C a lil while back, you know the one that said "Why don't you just leave".

Not on your life big boy. I'm here for good now. Give up wishing. No more empty slogans. Hardcore answers. Time to grow up and be a man. Lets see you put down some real ideas. No more silly crap. Go.

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