Re: Sheepie on Snakes brain.

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Posted by Dave Brewster on April 20, 2000 at 19:27:49:

In Reply to: Re: Can Sheepie justify his name, why yes he can. posted by SNAKEBITE on April 20, 2000 at 18:17:53:

: First I like to apologize to Tom, I don't know him and the asshole comment was an obscure movie reference, I know its a lil' hard to translate jokes on this board and Im sure when you read my posts you use the angry voice...

Yeah, right. Like "Asshole " has so many different versions of meaning. What was that word that sounded like "mellow". Hehehehehehe.

:Secondly I didn't see Sheepie

Did this person beat you up so bad that you need to trot him out everytime you feel scared ? You

:I mean Dave at the picket backin his boy Mr. Sito, whos really sittin on the side lines.

I was working. We are in the crunch (with two months left on OJ). Not every lead could come . There were many of them still working that day or are you just singling me out. What I did was behind the scenes and I support Tom 100 %. Your ignorance of that is delightful.

: Third Mr. Sito finds time to visit and use this board when its convient to his agenda, so why shouldn't he come to clarify Canuk's message,

Excuse me but I think you are thinking that you are union member. And that Sito has to bow to you like some kind of slave. I answered the question and this isn't a union site. In fact, you are so totally anti-union it is a insult to think you have that right to demand anything from him. Try coming up with some ideas instead of shooting off your mouth at other people. This has been explained over and over.

:it does relate to business, which brings me to the following, if I was the figure head to my industies Union and one of the companies I was working for was doin exactly what I was fighting against...I'd quit

If you were in the union you would talk us all to death. The day you had the guts to give up a job for a cause monkeys would fly out my butt. Talk talk talk.

,:and inform everyone of their actions, I'd raise as much hell as possible, you tryin to tell me the President of the UNION dosen't have any influence in the work place, give me a break.

You would cower in the corner and make big noises like you are now. The reason you never joined the union is because you couldn't make it in any company. That takes the ability to do more than talk. Not your strong suit.

:And finally my solution has always been the same, KEEP CREATING, cuz if I do what it is that JW, I mean Sheepie, I mean Mr. Brewster wants me to do I'd be bitter and angry just like him. Was that easy enough for you to understand Sheepie, I know you have problems translating things, even when you break down sentence by sentence you still miss it.

Hehehehehe. You must have had your backside pretty burned by that sheep . "Keep Creating". Hehehehehe . That was your solution ? Hehehehehe. That is pretty damn funny. Hey , keep creating! Man, you are one hell of a leader Snakeeyes. I bet if we all elect you prez that you will really move us forward with "Keep creating". What a joke!

How dare you even try to attack others you foul mouthed gameshow host. You have ABSOLUTELY no ideas and yet you attack those who take responsability. What a laugh!

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