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Posted by Kahuna Bob on April 20, 2000 at 09:23:15:

In Reply to: Trust me. I know everything posted by Union Guy on April 19, 2000 at 17:20:46:

" They used American writers at Cinar because, well as everyone knows there are far more talented (oh, if you can call it talent but it is not really an art ) in the good old USof A. Let those Canadian jerks pay us with their tax money. As long as we can take instead of give I feel good. Thank you."

As an ex-employee of Cinar I remember lots of effort dedicated to expanding into the US broadcast market. The hiring of American writers probably had nothing to do with talent and more to do with making closer ties with American production companies and funding.

Union Guy has to be the most closed minded and insensitive poster on this board. I suggest that he read Allen Swirlings post and thread "The real animation picture up north". It's very accurate. Canadian Animators don't have any work either. Many of us up here have had to turn to working in digital or not at all. Cinar only hires workers from Quebec so that they can take advantage of tax credits. Nelvana is only doing storyboards and limited layout. All the other shops have pretty much disappeared.

Animation is becoming increasingly globalised. That's a fact. The problem is not just one (albeit very large) job going to Nelvana. It has much more to do with the business practices of the large distribution and production corporations. If Union Guy wants a better work environment perhaps he should go back and reread Charles' original articles and try to implement some of the ideas there. His nationalist and very regional rants (where are the posts from East Coast animators) aren't anything but empty rhetoric.

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