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Posted by Bruce on April 12, 2000 at 10:19:37:

In Reply to: Re: What's this posted by Jon on April 12, 2000 at 01:15:42:

: Well I think there's a difference between "wanting a piece of the action" and "getting a piece of the action." I think animators still want it. My perspective is, I didn't graduate college, I used to drive a truck, and now I'm just glad to be doing work I enjoy. The way things are going, I may have to switch careers. Truck-driving wasn't so bad.

Nah, I used to drive a truck (a manure truck, no less!), and animationís a whole hell of a lot more fun. Itís just that the final product sometimes smells worse.

: : : Unions work to guarantee good wages for non-professionals.

: : What? Who are these non-professionals the Union is working for? And if they're not being paid (after all, it isn't their profession!) what sort of wages are being guaranteed?

: Are you just irritable today, Bruce? I just said "Unions work to guarantee good wages for non-professionals." By non-professionals, I'm not trying to insult animators. I'm saying they don't have degrees, like doctors, lawyers, dentists ... you know, what the business people call "professionals."

I guess I regard animation as a profession because itís something I get paid to do. Like in athletics: if you get paid to do it, youíre a professional and can no longer compete in amateur competitions. I think you could also be a professional truck driver. Nothing against amateurs, by the way; theyíre people who only do it for the love of doing it Ė or because they want to become professionals. But the Union, as it stands, is only really concerned with the professionals. God, I do sound cranky, donít I?

: : :They would probably say they work on animators' behalf to mind the business aspect of the work, so animators can be free to enjoy the art of their work.

You run a studio. Iíve run a studio (into the ground, thank you). We can both distinguish between the business side and the (fun) animation side of the animation business. The Union is not in the animation business; itís just a factor you have to take into account when you run a studio (here in LA). Or not.

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