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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 10, 2000 at 00:32:54:

In Reply to: Re: Hey Guys! posted by J.W. on April 10, 2000 at 00:02:04:

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: : : Between the two of them they did a pretty good job of venting and making a mess. I think we should stay solution oriented and stay away from attacks on anyone. It makes us all look bad. If people cannot see the point then let them go do what they want. That way you get the people who do agree to keep motion and speed. If what is brought up here is worthy, people will join.

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: : I've been reading this site for a long, long time. Trying to figure out what's going on and seeing what the different personalities are all about. Charles, if you're reading this, I told you that this was a waste of your time. These guys won't back up their own union and they've been this way for years. They want a speacil red carpet rolled out for them.

: So you must be a total genius. Knowing everyone is a dissapointment well before hand. Don't you just wish that people would follow orders like in the regular army ? Just in case you hadn't noticed a lot of these people are newly in the union thanks to the boom. The crash happened just as fast and they haven't really had time to think like a union.

: :this sheepie, or J. W. or whatever his flavor of the day happens to be is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of many animators I came to know. He's been hassling people on this site and when he gets it back, suddenly he becomes a solution oriented reformer.

: You sir, are full of crap. I've been suggesting things since I came here and never hassled anyone. I , on the other hand have been hassled.

: :He still hasn't answred snakebite about joining him on the picket line and he expects the readers to take him seriously. I give you credit for trying and if I was still in LA, I'd be right there with you.

: The sheep guy leaves and then you start talking to him. Really smart. Oh sure , now you start saying "well we made him an offer after he was gone". I read "My last post". Now I dont know what that means in your circle but in mine it means he is gone. Finito. I think he was told to leave. By the way, do you think you have to be in LA to picket ? Don't they have a PBS station near you where ever you are ? Or, haven't you looked oh wise one. What is the matter, think only LA animators can be called "hypocrite" or can you only picket with a mob ?

You know what Yoda said about anger J.W., it leads to what? that leads to what? that leads to what grand daddy of them all?

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