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Posted by J.W. on April 09, 2000 at 20:19:51:

In Reply to: Re: Dressssssed to Impress. posted by SNAKEBITE on April 09, 2000 at 14:46:55:

: : Had you read at all you would have known it had nothing to do with that. What newspapers care about is government screw ups. Tell me Snakebite, do you think Canadian public WANT to give the Nelvana 10 million in tax rebates for sending work to the Chinese ?

: No really, I thought their Government loves to give away money to other countries. What about changin things over here. So what if the Canadian Government gets busted, you still have to deal with the Monkey boys over here and KCET is not the problem.

The grants are the problem. For both live and animation. What is the natural thing to go after? Everyone already knows the animation community is mad at KCET.

: This type of thinking is the way of the monkey boy, and they will always have a plan B,C,D, on and on and all these plans have to do with screwin us, do you want to invest that much of your life into foilin all these plans. I think the only way to solve this problem is to stop pointin the finger at them, cuz they always have been that way and probably always will and start takin the responsiblity our-selves. Let them play their game and let us play ours , creating. This will most certainly get their attention.

(Shaking his head). If we just hit on front we are doomed. The heroin money is coming from Canada. Busting the KCET pushers only means we have to deal with other pushers. Now in the article I read PBS said only 4 % is going to these kinds of projects. Where is the other 96% going. Lets find out.

And I'm all for taking creative responsability for ourselves. I'm fine with picketing. I'm just not believing this is enough. You should not discount every avenue just because it isn't macho enough.

Finally you made a point that I wasn't offering solutions. You have now been proved wrong. Just because you dismiss everything I say wont make you right.

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