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Posted by Peter on April 09, 2000 at 14:21:49:

In Reply to: Animators of LA! posted by Mrs. P. on April 08, 2000 at 14:45:43:

: Time for y'all to take your naps. You're getting a wee bit cranky. And Snakebite stay away from that pipe, Mama told you it's not good for you.
: Sweet dreams kids.

Mrs. P:
No reason to put my pipe down as long as it's filled with that aromatic 9oldmen's stand by: Capt. Black!

At any rate, we all need to band together regardless of personal details/messages/personality conflicts etc. etc. etbloodycetera. This reminds me (and others) of the "Animation Forum/For'me'um" at Warner Bros. Features and how quickly a worthy program degenerated into a non-productive ego fest (and consequently evolved into a one-man PR show mostly for the benefit of studio heads at WB).
If you were a bloody Hollywood studio exec helping the runaway overseas and overGreatLakes production steam its way into the sunset right now, and the last thing you wanted to see in the news was a HUGE turn out for the picket on Thursday, wouldn't you be revelling in all this internet squabbling? "Insulting all the animators" this, "Go home" that. Let's just use this fantastic forum called "Animation Nation" for the greatness Charles originally meant it for: as a worthy vent/a worthy forum for worthy artists. We can disagree. We can debate. We can also get some work done, though. We can encourage eachother.
I don't mind venting. Lord knows my spleen has air ducts that are so drained when it comes to our industry and even newspaper syndicates I'm surprised I don't sound like an artsy fartsy accordian when I type.
But the more we act like kids, the less respect we'll generate "out there" in the 'nether'lands of cyberspace.
We're all human. We're all scared. We're all in this together.
In what other industry in the U.S., where =artists= that draw and paint, can humble folks even ATTEMPT to band together like this? Being an artist is tough enough as it is to make a living. I sometimes wish I was better at math or felt more persistently led to do what my father did. But this isn't the case. Like it or not, I'm an artist. It's all I know. And throughout history it's been one of the more difficult of professions to get respect in from the people who should pay us fair wages from the business world; just like any other service rendered.

See y'all Thurs?

Peter "would rather fail attempting a picket than try Van Gogh's last 'undertaking' for deserved recognition" Gullerud

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