Re: Dressssssed to Impress.

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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 09, 2000 at 03:49:07:

In Reply to: Re: Dressssssed to Impress. posted by J.W. on April 09, 2000 at 01:39:48:

: .So, I really could give two chits about sheepie, no, not all of the animation industry (for the most part they have my repect, and the ones that know me know this), just Milker or J.W. , Sheepie or whatever this guy has gone by. ...and your right I don't know him, don't wanna, the only good that came out of him was the people who responded to him, and by the way sheepie you never did answer my challege of presenting some solutions, besides the obvious, I know, Im gonna sign up for rehab. this week...I promise., this time Ill do it.

: How would you know if his posts were deleted that he didn't give any solutions ? And by the way, I did. You should have read a little bit. My suggestion was to kill the grants at the source. If you weren't so busy posting your retaliation you would have known that. Cshoe is writing up a draft of something to send to the Canadian press, By the way, I provided the link to the entire Canadian Newspaper system. Sign up for rehab. Fast.

But I just get so rapped up in myself, I already had my answer before you replied and I didn't want to waste it, dude. HEy bro', none of those dudes at newspaper joints give a care about your cause man, like those Canadians care about us ,dude, I can see it now,dude, WWOOWW, its like a groovy vision "CANADIANS UNITE! WE MUST BAND TOGETHER FOR AMERICAN BRETHREN".... who's on crack now.

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