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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 09, 2000 at 00:01:35:

In Reply to: To Kevin posted by Sheeeeeeeeeeeeepupupie on April 08, 2000 at 21:12:17:

: Charles deleted my posts to you because they were too "reasonablE' so this ends the discussion. This is his board and not a democracy. Bye.

aahhh....I'm really gonna miss the little guy...sniff, sniff...what, what was that you sy, hes not really gone, HHUUUUUURRRRRAaaaaa.

Listen ladies and gentlemen,( and Im only speaking on the behalf on myself, Charles has takin his hand out the back of my head for the moment), but Im not tryin to convince anyone of anything with what I post. I come here to express who I am and what I see, I have my own dear tribe, a strong tribe who are good, loving, giving and accepting people, we grow by delivering the message and finding those who already believe, I look at it as sifting thru the kitty-litter of life. I met C a year ago and he established something that was the core of what I stood for since I could remember, artistic education that extended to the business and self-worth awareness(altough when I was five I called it fun, and the only business I new about was the dooty business, which is very smellier, I mean similar). THIS was inspirin', he practically ate chit so that the school could continue, yeah yeah lots o people thru out history have done such things, but have you? You may not like the HUMAN side of him, ie his own personality, but his message is right on, he presents solutions, do you? Im part of HIS tribe this is true, but his tribe lets me do what I do... does yours? DO people enjoy every chain smoking, hot-rod babe calender havin, takin everything personal practicin' characteristic flaw you might have. C'mon , this industry practically spits in your face and your gonna get all bent out of shape over words, yeahyeah words define the message, well I practice the old school method, that was handed down from generation to generation, of "sticks and stones"...So, I really could give two chits about sheepie, no, not all of the animation industry (for the most part they have my repect, and the ones that know me know this), just Milker or J.W. , Sheepie or whatever this guy has gone by. ...and your right I don't know him, don't wanna, the only good that came out of him was the people who responded to him, and by the way sheepie you never did answer my challege of presenting some solutions, besides the obvious, I know, Im gonna sign up for rehab. this week...I promise., this time Ill do it.

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