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Posted by Sheepie on April 08, 2000 at 18:27:34:

In Reply to: Re: JANITORS OF LA! WE NEED YOUR HELP! posted by Peter on April 08, 2000 at 12:40:46:

: Sheepie:

: : Here is something for you to "yawn" over. You have absolutely nothing to lose, as does Snakebite. I find it insulting that you point to the "janitors balls" when you really have diddlie to lose. If real courage has to do with putting your job on the line, just where do you two sit in this. No where.
: ***

: "Courage"?
: FWIW, I picketed in the early 80's, watched self-serving fellow animators cross the picket line for work as I fruitlessly sacrificed my own job while being seen by potential hirers as a "bad egg" Union picketer. Courage?

What exactly are you talking about Peter ? Was I talking to you ? This was addressed to Charles and his attack on LA animators.

: To this day, I picket when my industry is being unfair or unethical no matter my personal situation. Whether the outcome is worthwhile or fruitless, is not the question.

That is for you to judge, not for you to impose on others. You are in a democracy remember . Do what you think is right but if others don't totally agree then you will have to live with that.

: It's all about what's right and worth fighting for in an industry that has turned ice cold in the human factor.

Turned ? Do not think that when there was a demand that it was "empathy".

: You should really think about that the next time you rant about people on the outside on their so-called "perches".

Well if I'm addressing you Peter, I will. Unfortunately the discussion wasn't with you at all. Was i?. No. You didn't write a big long attack on the animators of LA , did you ? No, so I guess you have jumped in where you had no cause.

: Like I said, it could just as easily be you out here. And no doubt it will be some day if things don't change.
: Cahonies. Courage. Call it what you will. There is a fight to be fought and it's not imaginary. And yes, I do admire those that will picket who are already holding full-time jobs. I admire them a lot.

: Peter Gullerud

Fine. The discussion had nothing to do with you. When you write an attack I will respond based on your union membership and history. Till then, you and I have no discussion to carry on.

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