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Posted by Sheepie on April 08, 2000 at 12:50:37:

In Reply to: Illogical, Captain posted by Jon on April 07, 2000 at 19:21:23:

: : What do you want Mr.Jon ? So now most of animators of this city have been insulted. You are in Chicago so perhaps that doesn't count. Please, more Charles. We are all so undeserving and worthless.

: Hey, I'm right here in your back yard (Encino?) The year 2000 census will show Jon McClenahan was a Californian. I was kinda lookin' forward to meeting you April 3rd, my man, but you didn't come out to play.

Hmm. I think the animostity here is a good reason not to come, depite my fond feelings for some.

: I thought we were agreed that animators need to face their weaknesses before we can solve the problems. One of our weaknesses is apathy. What's wrong with janitors having courage? Don't feel threatened by that. Be inspired.

Nothing is wrong with janitors doing something. It is just when nonunion people call us balless or say we don't have guts it is important to consider the source. Base deeds on what they really do to sacrifice, not others they do not know or have a right to claim membership with.They should join the union first if they want to change it from the inside.

: Another weakness is we're too thin-skinned. No reason to get so emotional, Captain. It's illogical.

Read what Charles wrote. People do what they must and you do not chastize others for not following you. If they don't come , what is missing Mr Jon ? What ? Did you read anyone saying "NO, dont go to the meeting"! Of course not. If people didn't come perhaps it was the lack of a clear target to reach or maybe they are tired of rehashing ? If people don't get what I say or listen to me, I don't start my search for "why" by attacking them. I look to myself first. What is missing Mr Jon ? Is it apathy or lack of faith.

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