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Posted by Sheepie on April 08, 2000 at 12:33:27:

In Reply to: Re: JANITORS OF LA! Sheepie NEEDS YOUR HELP! posted by Kevin on April 07, 2000 at 20:02:25:

: : : " See, most of the animation artists of this city don't have your courage or integrity."

: : This could have been something good. A place to launch the future from. Instead, it's turned into a place of self pity. So people couldn't make the meeting. So what. The insults are at an end.

: I'm afraid I can't share your view, Sheepie. I'm a working animator and I made it to the meeting. It was a choice, not some passive act of fate.

You are speaking for yourself as you were able to "make" time. Not everyone saw this meeting as the "solution" nor were they able to "make time". See Kev, just because you do doesn't make it so.

As for you telling people who can't make meetings to "shut the hell up" it is not your place to decide if that is the only solution or to judge whether they earnestly couldn't come. Here is something for you to think about, if you tell them off do you really think this will make them "want" to join in. Of course not, like Charles it will be a just a childish outburst. If you objectify people then they will do the same. You can call them "sheep" , they call you a "nazi". The idea being it should be encouraging to go to meetings and not used as a sign symbolic loyalty. Thinking you don't need even the unmotivated is crazy and wasteful.

AN or the Union isn't the sole solution for any one problem. You seem to think that picketing PBS for animation that will never come here is going to benifit feature animators at Disney DreamWork, Warners ? Of course not. Not one tiny bit yet you expect them to jump on the bandawagon like it is manditory. Is it really a surprise many don't see any benefit ? Of course not. That is your solution, not everyones.

Before you call anyone names you had better be sure there is benefits to your action for all and not just minimal symbolic benefits for yourself.

Judge not, lest you be judged.

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