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Posted by Sheepie on April 08, 2000 at 12:01:37:

In Reply to: Re: JANITORS OF LA! WE NEED YOUR HELP! posted by Charles on April 07, 2000 at 20:33:37:

: How predictable you are, Sheepie. I think I'll try this line by line response thing.

: : : Interesting, Mr. Sheepie. Just why do you think I'm addressing this message to you?

: : I didn't. I thought you were insulting every animator in LA.

: Can't think of a group that deserves it more.

Then you were.

: :
: : : Why are you taking it so personally, Sheepster? Why do you insist on calling yourself a sheep?

: :
: : That was your name for us . I just adopted it.

: Sheepies are as sheepies do.

But that is for us to decide. If you think you are superior (which you must to take others to task) then why bother ? Nobody needs your insults. We could return the same but it would be childish.

: : : Are you insulted? Did I ruffle your fleece? '

: :
: : No. You did on the other hand insult most every animator in LA.

: Almost every animator. You speak for them now, do ya, sheepie boy? Well, they've got the perfect spokes-sheep.

Dont play games. You did insult them all.

: :

: : : No doubt, Sheepie-poo, you'll answer this message line by line in that stale fashion that has become your trademark. Get that last word in, sheep. Doesn't matter if you insult others. Doesn't matter if others are offended by the fact that the great Sheep didn't take an hour off to show up at the meeting. All that matters is that sheepie's feelings have been hurt by someone who wasn't even thinking of him. I have no idea whether or not you were at the meeting, sheep. But now I do.

: :
: : Not everyone's life is as convenient.

: Convenient as what, sheep? Mine? The live's of the people who made it to the meeting? Another case of the omnipotent super sheep knowing everything about everybody.

I'm an animator. I know other animators. If people made the meeting, they had the time.

: : : C'mon sheep man. Give us one of your predictable responses so we can all yawn once more.

: :
: : You have lost it.

: You never had it to begin with.


: :
: : : If you and the rest of the flock are so easily insulted, do us all a favor and stop wasting space on this message board.

: : Glad to. Here is something for you to "yawn" over. You have absolutely nothing to lose, as does Snakebite. I find it insulting that you point to the "janitors balls" when you really have diddlie to lose. If real courage has to do with putting your job on the line, just where do you two sit in this. No where.

: Yawn. Another case of sheepie weepie knowing all about my life and career. You da sheep, sheep.

Oh come on Charles! Was it not YOU who knows about all our lives ? !?! Was it not you attacking everyone for no showing up without knowing? Of course it was. You know all about us so much you feel free to stereotype and attack anyone not into your way with Snakebite as backup ? And in truth you know absolutely NOTHING about our lives, our careers. You have done a lot of damage here. You want respect , you better be prepared to give it.

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