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Posted by Charles on March 23, 2000 at 14:35:13:

In Reply to: AGENDAS YES!!! posted by Art on March 23, 2000 at 09:22:13:

I understand where you're coming from.

The agenda is an open microphone. It's an opportunity for everyone in animation who has something to say to be heard. It's akin to a town meeting. Even with a pre-defined outline, it's going to stray and take on an energy of its own, which quite frankly is fine with me. I liked what was happening at the meeting last year. I liked the informality, spontaneity and the openess. Some of the speakers were annoying and held on to the podium longer than they were allowed, but it's something I'm going to stay on top of this year should it occur.

This year, I plan on preparing my opening comments ahead of time instead of intentionaly winging it. My idea for this year's meeting was to invite representatives from the Union, ASIFA, Women In Animation, Animation Magazine, Animation World Network and others to come and speak. There was someone from each one of these groups present at the meeting last year, yet nobody got up to talk on behalf of these organizations. My goal this year was to have members of these groups present a statement of purpose so that the animation community can better understand how different pieces of the collective puzzle fit, how artists can benefit from participation in these groups, etc.

It's difficult to plan an agenda when people don't respond or make a solid committment to be there. I therefore have no choice but to keep the agenda open, set the tone early once the meeting starts, then turn the floor over to people who are interested in reforming the industry.

The purpose of the meeting isn't to entertain anybody. If there were people who were there last year and were put off by the looseness of the situation, there were at least as many people who weren't. My stated goal, once again, is to get as many animation artists in one place during working as hours as possible, even if don't do anything but sit around and smile.

Organizing this is not easy. To begin with, my schedule is very often overwhelming. It's tough for me many times just to get to this message board. That's why I'm asking for help in getting in touch with Tom Sito, Antran Manoogian, Sarah Baisley, Heather Kenyon, etc. and in getting the word out about the meeting.

I'm not begging anyone to come. I'll do what I can to structure the discussion, but the nature of that discussion is entirely up to the people who participate. Sitting around, watching everyone else get up there and speak their minds, then walking out of the place grumbling about it is behavior that is sterotypical of many animation artists I've come to know over the years. They don't show up for Union meetings, yet they want to hang the Union's leaders in effigy. When they do show up for events like this, they expect a floor show.

If anyone has a problem with the informality of the meeting, why not show up and say so. Make your comments constructive please.

Regardless of how people feel about how the meeting went down last year, it made an impact. If artists feel that it is too much of a bother this time around, they don't have to make the effort. They can go on grazing in the grass for all I care.

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