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Posted by Jon on April 07, 2000 at 08:58:17:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks so much Charles posted by ToonGuy on April 07, 2000 at 07:46:21:

: Flash should not be looked at as taking the place of what you already do, but more so as a supplement. The new USAnimation 5 will output in SWF files used for Flash Animation.

At first I was excited about that, until I learned what vectorization does to my beautiful BG's (basically puts them in a blender and spits them out as a hideous puree of stratified flat colors). As a USAnimation user, I know all about the advantages of vectorization ... except when it comes to subtly-rendered color.

: You can still Animate at 30 FPS, it just may not download as well for the average user. If you animate on 2's, you can save yourself download time by only using 15 FPS. The advantage of using Flash vs. a Quicktime file is the finished file size. It's really not that hard to learn.

So I should HIRE somebody who can learn it. Flash is NOT a supplement to what we do. USAnimation is a real tool, which is why we bought it. I didn't need to hire a tech staff to operate it - it made sense to animators, and THEY are the ones using it. If you think that Flash has anything to do with our process, you don't know what we do.

I met with an animator last night who is now working with Flash, for a large company. He wants out - I've seen his demo reel and he is really a very good animator. But Flash is too restrictive for him ... he is aching to do some nice animation again. He reminded me of a caged animal. He doesn't even have to deal with Flash - he just draws the pictures. But the animation never works the way he wants, and the tech guys come back sheepishly to his office with the horrible results ...

: It shouldn't take your production guy more then 2 days to get the basic idea.
: Flash may very well be a Flash in the pan, but if it's the most effective way to get your stuff on the web, don't push away a very helpful tool.

Right now, the web won't pay my bills, but when it can, they will have moved beyond Flash. Until then, I have no desire to stop doing what I'm already good at.

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