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Posted by Charles on April 06, 2000 at 23:08:24:

You, the members of the Janitor's Union, on strike for a dollar an hour more, we can use your assistance next week.

See, most of the animation artists of this city don't have your courage or integrity. Maybe they would if they swept enough floors, vacuumed enough carpets, scrubbed a few urinals and tidyed up a few toilet bowls. Instead, they sit around drawing pictures all day long for people that don't respect them and even when an opportunity arises for them to make a statement of power, they tuck their tails between their legs and pretend like they forgot to show up.

Let me tell you, my brave amigos. We had a meeting last Monday, April 3rd. The purpose of the meeting was to do just a little bit of what you are doing now. A few artists did show up. The rest of the sheep... ooops! Did I say that? I have to be careful, my friends, because artists who are too cowardly, indifferent or lazy to make any kind of small sacrifice for themselves or their fellow co-workers don't like it when I call them sheep. They had a chance to change my mind about what I think of them this past week, but it's hard for them to stop nibbling on the grass.

But you great people understand what Zapata was all about! You'd rather die standing than live crawling! Not so with animation artists. They'd rather work for executives who are really afraid of them, but know how to keep sheep. You janitors are striking at and picketing in front of Dreamworks! Animation artists are still thinking about whether or not to crawl out of their little green, fast disappearing pastures and go to KCET on the 13th to picket for 2 hours and stand up for their own future. Even when other people have made the picket signs for them.

Please help us. Put pencils behind your ears, dress very creatively, and come to KCET in Silver Lake on Thursday. Pretend that you're artists. Maybe we can fool the executives into thinking that animation artists really do have the kind of huevos that you are swinging.

Gracias, compadres!

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