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Posted by Jon on April 05, 2000 at 19:09:49:

In Reply to: Just playing with worse case sinerio... posted by SNAKEBITE on April 05, 2000 at 03:04:54:

: WAY TO BREAK IT DOWN BROTHA!!!, way to break it I can go to bed with happy thoughts....RIGHT ON! Way to make my message board day, that was an inspirational post.
: Im glad YOU said it, I don't think most would've believed it if it came from me.

Look, here's the deal. I don't distrust Snakebite or cartoonluvr or any of the other hipsters (?), but I'm an animator, not a promoter. I want to sell my services to somebody - you got a story you want told thru cartoons? I'm your man. But it will cost money. That's how I make a living.

Dancing babies, joefish, hamsterdance ... gosh, what? Did you think I never heard of those? Thanks for opening my eyes! There's this understanding that people can fill their entertainment cups with a webpage line with 4-GIF animated cycles or flat-color "click-when-you're-ready-to-throw-another-hand-grenade" pieces with simulated lip sync. But that is essentially a slap in the face to my skill and experience (do I have to say it - to ALL animators?).

Level the playing field by putting me in the ring with some nerd with too much time on his hands? If that's what animators want, I guess I'm not an animator. I want to be able to time an action - or a pause, cut to a meaningful close-up, set up a gag, make you laugh, make you cry ... tell a story.

Do I sound arrogant? Forgive me. I need a paycheck every week, and the Internet is due to discover itself in, what, 2-5 years? When that happens, I'll be ready to jump on board.

But the reason the technical stocks crashed yesterday is because everybody has figured out that none of them are making REAL money yet. It's all pretend money. Monopoly money. The stocks were full of air, instead of gold.

But have happy thoughts, people! Animation - REAL animation - isn't dead yet. We can and should be proud of our skills.

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