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Posted by cartoonlvr on April 05, 2000 at 13:08:40:

Your speaking my language now!
we are the creatives,...we are the people who are going to create the future animation biz...were doing it right now...I'm just curious,how many of us are actually working on something of our own right now...animation is THE most powerfull medium for communicating with the human race...if your message is outrage at the money machine that's currently having it's way with us...that could be subject for a short...whatever your message is ,If you have a passion that you can connect with go for it! I realize the need for us all to feed our families,when I first started in this business,I remember on friday evenings someone would walk by and say "go on home and enjoy your family"?!! what ever happened to that ? If you have a family to feed,the studios cant wait to replace you with someone younger with smaller needs...soo even if you have a family to take care of, it's still possible to make a short,...and possibilities for getting paid to do it exist...just requires a little research, public service announcements etc...even if your not getting paid do it... the largest part of it is paper and pencil work....we can network among ourselves to handle labor...a little sense of community could help all of us out just now...the floating doughnut that is the old system is getting soggy....we've got to risk a little to make the jump to light speed...and if any of you need help on a project you might have going I'm willing to help...just ask

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