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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 05, 2000 at 11:30:01:

In Reply to: Re: a few thoughts posted by Jon on April 05, 2000 at 08:09:40:

: : which leads me to say this, we can't look at the limitations of animation applied now as how its gonna be even in the near future.

: Here's my parting shot across the bow - and I'm not arguing against the use of the internet, just its ability to feed my kids:

: The way we animate NOW - the production process - starting with a script & models, and followed by boards, timing & ex. sheets, layouts, BG's, animation, ink & paint, and camera (or compositing)- it's all done that way because it makes sense! It is an EXCELLENT way to produce a film frame by frame, the definition of animation.

: Of all the ink & paint systems that came out - AXA, Linker, Animo, Toons - one is going to survive in the industry: USAnimation. That's because it is the only one that was developed by an animator, along the logical lines of animation production. While studios investing in the other softwares have had to back it up with entire tech crews and are continually "working the bugs out," the USAnimation continues to be the one that delivers results, without hitches.

: For years the software developers were telling me I needed to adapt to their thinking. They were wrong, I knew it, and I stuck to my guns.

: Even the current darling program of CGI animators, Maya, is terribly clumsy, compared to where it will be 2-5 years from now. The whole process of posing CGI characters will become a click & drag processs, rather than a matter of typing in XYZ coordinates to change rotation angles of joints (where's the artistic flow here?).

: If we believe The Worker must serve his tools, rather than build better tools that will serve HIM, we are being just like those people years ago who claimed DOS was superior to Windows.

: There's a better internet animation software, yet to be developed ... so why sell out to a loser?

Exactly, keep doin what your doin. Ill clarify the quoted statement;
: : which leads me to say this, we can't look at the limitations of animation applied now as how its gonna be even in the near future.

When I said limitations of animation, I should've said , limitations of internet animation. Technology will develope, you're absolutely right, Flash and other internet programs are transitional programs to the big picture.

Using your analogy Jon, We the wives of the industry are currently seperated from our cheating husbands, filed for devorce AND ARE LOOKIN FOR A NEW MAN!!!

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