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Posted by North Wind on April 04, 2000 at 17:40:02:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks to everyone who attended! posted by Down Wind on April 04, 2000 at 15:20:44:

: : Wasn't this the big debate months ago ? Didn't html Bob keep on that this wasn't the case ? Insist it wasn't ? Over and over ? I seem to remember someone saying " It had to be a deal that Nelvana created and handed to PBS for validation and a future market. They make no money from that end of the deal." But , all that has been deleted, hasn't it.

: Such anger, its not been deleted

But it has been deleted. I checked . You shouldn't confuse anger with frustration.

:, I think Snake was just supportin that point, it just took him a little longer to come along. Maybe your buddy Bob could a least appreciate that.

We can hope.

: : And as to your questions about financing, it was a Canadian credit that was supposed to draw productions to Canada (as it apparently did with live action). Not to allow them to ship them out work. Every time a film crew comes to Canada it invests millions in the local economy. This of course is not the case here. Nelvana has perverted it's original intent. Governments tend to rubber stamp things so it is not like anyone knows.

: Sounds like you support Snakes argument.

I support his end, maybe not his method. The question was whether picketing KCET was going to stop Canadian tax giveaways. No. That is what has everyone frustrated. Seems to me the tax credits can be gone after. KCET seems to be able to wash their hands of it.

: :Why deal or even try to fight against a system that was designed to use you as a number, a bottom line. Why invest in something that is supposed to protect you but makes deals with those threatening you to benefit only themselves, how COULD you possiblly change that, its a whole different animal. .

Make it hard to make deals. Find what is weak in those deals and exploit them. Question: Is this sending of work overseas what the Canadians intended the money for? Answer: No.
Exploit this and you kill the deal from the inside. You screw up the entire tax grant system and audits are next. Seems pretty simple. Of benefit to both live and animation.

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