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Posted by Jon on April 04, 2000 at 15:03:21:

In Reply to: a few thoughts posted by cartoonlvr on April 04, 2000 at 13:07:47:

: I support the picketing at PBS thats all fine and good.....the belief that if we make enough noise someone will listen, well maybee, but it must become a sustained and organized effort...

It's like voting - do our votes really count? Who knows. But I think picketing KCET has the chance to get the media's attention, and when that happens, suddenly our elected officials become interested. It really is a chance to get people on our side. Right now, not enough people know what's going on.

: For me, trying to change the old guard is a waste of time.IT'S OVER! so lets get moving....just turn your back on it...China is being tapped now...all one need do is read the history af the railroads and the robber barons...It's business as usual..this isn't going to lets start making our own efforts....

Yikes. You might be right, but let's not give up without a fight. You might be surprised what we can accomplish. In the mean time ....

: The new animation biz here in the US is a cottage indusry,let's start small..and build it up....What I'm getting at is this....there are many minds pouring over the problems of getting things on the internet to "pay", there will be a solution and soon. I would suggest that folks begin to busy themselves with filmaking and ,two and three minute stuff is all you need to do...the idea of grooming oneself to be "attractive " to the large studios is pass'e. Stop trying to fix the old dynamic.LETS MOVE ON. By the time some of these small films are completed,just by fact that they exist,there will be somewhere to put them. I dont beleive there is any "saving" the cartoon biz.It's up to us to get back to the basics of cartoon making....creativity,find your message,..focus ,storyboard ,animate.

I'm kinda witcha on that, but I really have to feed my family. I always was insulted by people who would ask me to work for free when there were others willing to pay a fair price. I hope the internet finds a way to pay real money for production, but another thing you may want to keep in mind is this: once you've produced a cartoon, buyers KNOW that you are "out of pocket" and in effect, desparate. If you think animators are being exploited now, you will be learning a new definition soon.

But you're right: we gotta keep up on the creative end. When the industry (whatever industry it is that's left standing when the dust has cleared) figures out how to fund real production - and not just pay some poor grunt $50 for three months of his life.

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